Apifiny Asset Network

Apifiny is a global, digital asset marketplace, evolving the trading paradigm. Embedded in advanced blockchain technology, Apifiny connects disjointed digital and traditional trading, custody, and payment services into a single, unified, and round-the-clock trading network. In doing so, we eliminate the barriers of time, currency, and location to provide unprecedented opportunities for all its participants.


Publius is an asset trading network designed to allow a seamless and efficient flow of high-quality assets around the world. Its sub-markets support trading of a variety of assets including DPL (Distributed Public Ledger) token, tokenized stock, forex, precious metals, real estate, premium brand products, and local business and personal tokens.


The Global Currency Organization (GCO) utilizes blockchain technology to make financial products available to all. GCO’s first product is USD Digital (USDD), an institutional-grade stablecoin fully backed by US dollars. GCO shares revenue with a global network of institutional partners, providing everyday users with more stability, security, and usability.


We are a one-stop solution for our clients - opening the new world of digital assets and delivering it via the best practices of traditional finance. Digitization provides the bridge between traditional finance and the blockchain world, facilitating assets to be tokenized and traded around-the-world and around-the-clock.


Tradewith.Pro is the next generation social trading platform for the new crypto world. Tradewith.Pro aggregate live market information and opinions from top traders. The mirror trading function allow everyone to trade like a pro.